The Family Experience

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Regardless of whether your family is young or young at heart, or anything in between, we believe that a family portrait is one of the most valued portraits that will ever exist in your home. As your children grow and change, portraits of their family will remind them of their place in this world. As the children leave the home, those portraits will keep you connected to those you love the very most. As your family grows and changes with marriages and children of the next generation, the portraits in your homes are forever a reminder of the love you have been blessed to be a part of.


A family portrait created at Harmann Studios will be designed to be a part of your home decor that will be cherished as a fine piece of art for years to follow.


From the complimentary pre-photo shoot consultation, to the photo shoot itself, our portrait artists' true gift is working with the people they are blessed to photograph; making you feel comfortable in the most important part of this process. From there our portrait consultants will step you through the order process, assuring you get the perfect image and size that will easily be the main focus in your home. Fine crafted art does not happen by chance... fine crafted art increases in value over the years.


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